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Articles  | Feb 2 2022
The Data Ductus Thesis Program – how a Thesis Supervisor can help students succeed academically and in the workplace

Following on from our recent interview with Hannes Larsson, an employee who wrote his thesis through the Data Ductus…

Articles  | Dec 22 2021
From thesis program to employee working with IT security in the cloud

We meet Hannes Larsson to find out more about the Data Ductus thesis program and what it can mean for those who take…

Insight  | Dec 15 2021
What is IT Service Management (ITSM)?

IT Service Management, usually referred to as ITSM, is a broad area. It encompasses all IT services which contribute to…

Insight  | Nov 18 2021
Helping banks meet PSD2 and the continued implementation of open banking regulations

With the introduction of Payment Services Directive Two (PSD2) regulations, banks were forced to reassess their…

Article  | Jun 22 2021
Women in Tech

We’ve been finding out more about some of the highly-skilled women in tech at Data Ductus who are crucial to the…

Article  | Apr 7 2021
What is network automation?

Network automation is the continuous activity of transforming your network operations tasks…

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