Six months after finishing his degree thesis at Data Ductus, Carl-Johan Holst tells us about the project and what’s happened since.

I wrote my degree thesis together with a classmate from Umeå University. We developed a crash-detection app that monitors the GPS signal and accelerometer in an Android phone.

Although we were both Java programmers we were relatively new to Android. However, we got the support and responsibility we needed at Data Ductus to develop the app. It’s now being used in prototype and concept cars as they are pushed to their limits at a test circuit in northern Sweden. Despite doing a degree in gaming development, I decided that I would really like to work at Data Ductus. People are competent and happy to help and support you, and the work is fun and challenging.

I was offered a job in August, and have been working on a project ever since. We’re building a new type of network system that connects varied applications. This is one of the great things about Data Ductus, I’m working at the forefront of IT in an area I don’t have much experience in, but am contributing with C++ and Java competences. How cool is that!

If anybody is looking to do an IT-related thesis I would say look up Data Ductus. You’ll learn a lot and work on an interesting project with talented people. And if you do a good job you might get the chance to start your career here like I did. That’s what half of the graduates from my course did.

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